Friday, July 17, 2009

First Day of Blogging

Hello everyone, I have never officially blogged before, but I have seen other peoples. I think it's a neat way to keep loved ones posted on life events, but also to journal for your own self.

Jeromy had a choir program today that he did with a group of kids in a Summer Music Camp. This is put on through the school district. All the kids did a great job, and I think they really enjoyed it. The boys cousins from Sioux Falls are in process of moving to Gillette, and have spent most of the summer here. So, their cousin Ryan was also in the program with Jeromy. They had fun being in it together. Justin was also in a Camp earlier this summer. He learned to march in a Marching Band, and their final production from their class was to march in our 4th of July Parade. He did a great job, and seemed to enjoy it, despite how nervous he was about it.